Maximum Profits Pricing(TM)

The Best Way To Price Your Goods For Profit and Prosperity

Your time is MONEY.  Learn to price properly from the start.


For jewelers, artists, designers, craftspeople, and anyone who makes things for a living (or who wants a hobby that makes money).


"David has thoughtfully and thoroughly done the hard work for independent artists and designers so they can recognize the true cost of doing business and what is necessary to factor into their pricing. Loose your shirt or have the money to buy 10 new ones. That's your choice. You can't go wrong using this formula!"

- Ree Gallagher (

MPP - The Offerings

If your pricing formula looks something like this:

(Materials + Labor) x 3

you are losing money.  No question about it.

Find out how to fix the problem and find the profit.

The Maximum Profits Pricing(TM) Complete Package includes:

The MPP Formula

The MPP Seminar Transcript

The MPP Slideshow

The MPP Spreadsheet