Maximum Profits Pricing(TM)

The Best Way To Price Your Goods For Profit and Prosperity

Your time is MONEY.  Learn to price properly from the start.


For jewelers, artists, designers, craftspeople, and anyone who makes things for a living (or who wants a hobby that makes money).

MPP - The Formula

The heart of the MPP system is The Formula.  With it, you now have the core essentials to guarantee that you won't be selling your creations below a reasonable level.  Ignoring the basics of pricing only leads to two possible outcomes: (1) You're losing money, OR (2) You're making money by sheer luck.

Failing to consider all of the elements that go into the beautiful things you make is a sure-fire way to miss costs and underestimate the inherent value of your products.  By faithfully applying the principles built into The Formula, you will be prepared to sell into a competitive market and KNOW what your profit profile looks like.

Anything else is just guessing.

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